The Tibetan Bowl Experience is a collection of seven long playing high definition multitrack recordings of incredible performances by Tibetan Bowl Master, Mark Handler, as he makes them sing, vibrate and chime in ways you have never heard before. He controls frequency patterns that overlap and create new ultra-pure harmonics which will help you acheive higher degrees of meditation and healing with Sound Therapy. You will be amazed and delighted by these tracks that are each named after the Chakras.
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Track 01 Sahasrara    9:51 $ 2.00
Track 02 Ajna    12:10 $ 2.00
Track 03 Vishuddha    14:46 $ 2.00
Track 04 Anahata    12:13 $ 2.00
Track 05 Manipura    16:26 $ 2.00
Track 06 Swadhisthana    19:18 $ 2.00
Track 07 Muladhara    19:28 $ 2.00
320kbps 44.1kHz 16-bit HDA
Entire Album (All 7 Tracks) in
High-Definition MP3 files
$ 5

192kHz 24-bit UHDA*
Entire Album (All 7 Tracks) in
Ultra High-Definition WAV files
*plus High-Definition MP3 files
$ 30
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Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Fountainhead Digital Traverse City, MI, US

Microphone custom built by
Wes Dooley of Audio Engineering Associates

Special Thanks to Universal Audio